film projects for the Akademie der wissenschaften und der literatur Mainz 1 & 2

"Stefan Pohlit's transkulturelles Komponieren" by Dr. Gisela Nauck in Deutschlandfunk Radio  

"Towards a Theory of Ika: The Rhythmic Identity of Melody in Late-18th Century Turkish Art Music", together with Nikolaus Grill in the upcoming Analytical Approaches to World Music book project

Lucifer (études pour piano I-IV), recorded by David Ezra Okonşar

Vapur, commissioned by the Hessen Radio Symphony Orchestra (Frankfurt)  (2020)

Klazomenai, commission for Klangforum Heidelberg, Ensemble aisthesis (2021)

Şafakların Cihangiri, concerto for solo kanun and orchestra, commissioned by the Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz (2021)


Dr. X, commission for Andreas Borregaard (accordion), sponsored by the Ernst von Siemens Foundation , premiere Dec. 10, 2019, Musik der Jahrhunderte Stuttgart

la forêt pétrifée (1st string quartet from 1999) at the First Arab Avant-Garde Music Conference, Dec. 19-22, 2019, Tunis, recording 11/2020 in Hannover

Rain performed by the Sonar Quartet (Berlin) on June 30th at the festival Albanova (also Radio Klara, Belgium) and in December in the scope of a portrait concert  organized by Edition Juliane Klein and Musik der Jahrhunderte in Stuttgart.


2018 in review

independent contributions to ZENITH Magazine ("Journal for the Orient") Link


unexpected victory in my precedent case against Istanbul Technical University

some press coverage:

Hürriyet (English)

Hürriyet (Turkish)

Sputnik (Turkish)

Sendika63 (Turkish)

nmz (German)

Rheinpfalz (German)

Le Petit Journal (French)

This advance had been preceded by a death threat, an assault by a car and a visit by the secret police in Urla/Izmir. "XY" for ensemble and solo santur, composed exclusively for the ICM Conference in Samsun, was spontaneously removed from the program.


ICM Intercultural Music Conference and Concerts, Samsun (as keynote speaker) - cancelled

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RAIN for string quartet: JACK QUARTET @ NUNC!/ Festival in Chicago


"Maqām and Beyond: A Unified Theory in Julien Jalâl Ed-Dine Weiss’s Last Composition", presented @ Analytical Approaches to World Music Conference in Thessaloniki  Link


return to Germany after 11 years spent in Turkey  


RAIN for string quartet: MUSIKFABRIK @ Fremde Heimat, Komponieren im Exil/Bochum Link1 Link2


new piece for tuba solo, composed for Jack Adler-McKean

"Hommage à Julien Weiss" (materials arranged by S. Pohlit) @ Institut Français in Ankara, Tahir Aydoğdu (soloist) Link

photo: introduction with Özlem Gül and the institute's director, Sébastien de Courtois

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Masterclass, Bilkent University/Ankara   


June 2017

In the future, Stefan Pohlit will be represented exclusively by Edition Juliane Klein, Berlin. 


November 2016

Interview with Raoul Mörchen, Deutschlandfunk/Musikjournal, on the present situation in Turkey

Aleppo Dialogues at Bilkent University (Composer in Residence)

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in Sanattan Yansımalar (Aslıhan Kecebaşoğlu & Yığıt Aydın)

Tombeau de Julien Bernard in

Mikrotonalität. Sechs Uraufführungen für Qanun und Ensemble in Berlin (Michael R. Entreß)

Musiktexte No. 151 (Nov. 2016)

"Behind the dramatic unrest of this impressive piece, one sensed the actual political and cultural situation of his second home, Turkey, brew almost painfully. Pohlit, who wrote his dissertation on Julien Weiss' tuning system in Istanbul, draws a sdifferenciated image of the maqams [...]"


September-October 2016

Tombeau de Julien Bernard à la mémoire du patrimoine anéanti d'Alep


Aleppo Dialogues - 1001 Töne aus der Zukunft (Concept and Research: Stefan Pohlit)

Ensemble Neophon

World Premiere (commissioned work):

Tombeau de Julien Bernard à la mémoire du patrimoine anéanti d'Alep

Neophon Ensemble (dir.: Konstantin Heuer) & Tolga Volkan Kılıç (Weiss-Qanun)

concept & co-direction: Stefan Pohlit

25. September
18:00 Introduction \ 20:00 Concert
Villa Elisabeth, Berlin

28. September
10:00 Reading Session \ 20:00 Concert
Bilkent Universität, Ankara

30. September
20:00 Concert
Zorlu Performans Sanatları Merkezi, Istanbul

1. October
18:00 Concert
San Pacifico, Büyükada


March 2016

Stefan & wife Fadime Pohlit in 5 portraits by artist XENIA KRAVCHENKO (Büyükada)

click on either picture for full gallery


Integrative Approaches to Contemporary Cross-Cultural Music-Making:

Turkey, Italy, Germany

German Historical Institute, Rome & Orient Institute, Istanbul

with concert, Ensemble Hezarfen: de-sero for string quartet



Welcoming Maqam

Ensemble Neophon (direction: Konstantin Heuer) & Nurullah Ejder (Weiss qanun)

Co-Direction: Stefan Pohlit

Call for Scores


Stefan Pohlit: "Neue Musik in der Türkei", in:

Lexikon Neue Musik (Hiekel, J.P. & C. Utz, eds.), Metzler/Bärenreiter, 2016


May 2015

Sieh, ich starb als Stein... on United Phoenix Records


November 2014

new publication: Stefan Pohlit & Julien Jalâl Ed-Dine Weiss: “Divisions of the Apotome on the Middle-Eastern Qānūn”. In: Mikrotonalität. Praxis und Utopie. Walter, C.-J. & C. Pätzold (hz.), Stuttgart: Schott, 2014,321499.html


November 2013  

Rowing for the German TV: Stefan Pohlit acting as "Expat in Istanbul"

ZDF WISO Reisen (ZDF-Mediathek),  Nov. 25th 2013, after 19'40"


UMS 'N JIP: The Turkey Project (an initiative by Stefan Pohlit, UMS 'N JIP, and İTÜ MİAM)

Thanks to UMS 'N JIP (Swiss contemporary music duo) for great premieres and workshops in İstanbul (İTÜ MİAM, State Conservatory for Turk. Music, Babylon Lounge) and on Büyükada (orthodox Cathedral of Ay' Dimitri, see Foto)!

LOVE IS MY RELIGION (after Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi), 2013

The "Religion of Love" was the second concert ever performed at Hagios Demetrios: We feel deeply honored by the Ecumenical Patriarchate's permission to our small contribution to inter-faith dialogue on an island where (at least) the People the Book have always coexisted peacefully.   


Portrait within the program series "Turkish Musik Night" (Link) of the Bavarian Radio:

Sounding Alphabet of Istanbul
New Music in Turkey
(in German) 

Nov. 9th 2013, BR Klassik

by Christoph Hahn


Summer 2013  

Winter 2012/13 will see the foundation of a new intercultural music ensemble in which he will equally perform as a santur and keyboard player. 

In 2014 Stefan Pohlit will be Composer in Residence of the ISCM branch of the Canton Valais (CH).

new works:

Himmelsleiter for large ensemble

new large score for Ensemble Reconsil, Vienna

new work for Middle-Eastern and Western instruments  

Love is my Religion for Ensemble UMS 'N JIP  

new piece for violin and piano for the internationally renowned violinist Cihat Aşkın