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portrait on the internet pages of SWR (South-West German Broadcast Company, in German)


portrait at Tre Media Music Edition [pdf]


portrait at Agentur Zeitgenössische Musik, Berlin


profile on the homepage of the International MIM-Society, Salzburg    

a TV interview at the European Cultures Festival, Karlsruhe, April 2004 by ExtraHertz (RTV)

In der Fremde (1) - a German interview by Moritz Eggert, Bad Blog of Musick of the NMZ


on specific works

more information about guręz in the CD-anthology Fugue Around The Clock of the Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet (a. o.)   


    1 (klassik heute)

    2 (Westdeutsche Zeitung)

    3 (Homepage von Daniel Koschitzki)


    1 (arkivmusic)


    2 (gramophone.net)



an excerpt from the final movement of the chamber symphony (2002/3) on the website of Javier Hagen

portrait of Monodia, commissioned by the festival ADEvantgarde, Munich, in 2003

Kunstmusik, Heft 10, 2008

an excerpt from Strings in the archives of musique contemporaine


also directly: 1 (info) and 2 (audio)