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Μοσχονήσι (Cunda Island), 2014 (photo: Fadime Pohlit)

with Julien Jall Ed-Dine Weiss, Constantinople, 2011                                 (photo: Osman kszoğlu)

with Murat & Nevit Kodallı, Mersin, 2005

with Dieter Schnebel after the premiere of "Aleppo Dialogues", Berlin, 2016 (photo: Sabine Krasemann, Neopohon Ensemble)


with Wolfgang Rihm, Metz, 2009 (photo: Centre d'Acanthes)

with Rbert Wittinger, Bensheim, 2004

Malaysia, 2000

with Prof. Dr. Rudolf Frisius, Karlsruhe, 2008

with Hugues Dufourt, Basel, 2012

Cappadocia, 2001



with Sheykh Kabir & Camille Helminski, Constantinople, 2013

Amed (Diyarbekir), Dengbj House, 2015

Urla, Flower Isles, 2017