DIe Namen der Wüste (The Names of the Desert)


(after an essay by Raoul Schrott)

flute, oboe, clarinet / bass clarinet, piano, string trio

38 minutes




This work in six movements was premiered in total in 2005 at ZKM/Karlsruhe and before, partly, within a concert series of the Baden State Orchestra. It was profoundly inspired by two sojourns of approximately three months in Turkey and Egypt between 2003 and -04 and alludes exhaustively to my study of Middle Eastern maqām structures. Thus, it concludes in an adaptation of the Ottoman Pešrev, as a sort of style exercise that I composed in Turkey with the aim of exploring that formal genre within a bridge between hetero- and polyphony. The first movement literally quotes a composition in the maqām “Būselik” by Prince Dimitri Cantemir (18th century), and the second, fast movement forms an allusion to an Eastern Anatolian Oyun Havası (“Air Play”), dominated by a double-reed instrument and a large drum, herewith imitated by the harmonic background of the ensemble.

The third movement, Desertum, was originally composed for flute and piano. It was premiered by Andrea Ritter and Markus Stange at the “KlanGriffe” Festival 2003 in Karlsruhe and later interpreted by various other performers. I took the dare to realize it as my original conception of a large orchestra piece in which form it will be premiered by the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra upon one of the upcoming seasons of the Éclat Festival/Stuttgart.

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