de-sero (Latin: I disconnect, loosen)

for string quartet


12 minutes

Two souls, alas, are housed within my breast,
And each will wrestle for the mastery there,
The one has passion's craving crude for love,
And hugs a world where sweet the senses rage;
The other longs for pastures fair above,
Leaving the murk for lofty heritage.

[Faust I, 1112-1117]

This work was first performed by the Stadler Quartet (Salzburg) at the Heidelberg Festival for Contemporary Music, November 2006. It follows my analysis of the final movement of Jean Sibelius' IVth Symphony which I published in 2005 in the German periodical Musiktheorie. Link


The title was inspired by the chapter “Desertum” in Raoul Schrott's essay The Names of the Desert.

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